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Evaluating your current system’s efficiency


Wouldn’t you love to wipe out your energy bills? Take the first step and call Static Solar. We’ll assess your building and electricity bills, chat through your requirements and suggest ways to make your electricity usage more efficient.

If we recommend installing solar or upgrading your current system, we’ll discuss the initial investment needed, the rebates available and how long it will take to break even – it could be as little as 2 years. Our aim is to help you achieve a $0 quarterly energy bill while benefiting the environment.

Help with finance


At Static Solar, we’re passionate about helping you kickstart your solar dream. In addition to making you aware of any government incentives and rebates, we offer you personalised finance options at very competitive rates. We have specifically designed our loans to come with a structured and flexible repayment plan that works with your budget, whether for business or domestic use. Our personal consultant will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.




One in every four households in Australia has opted for solar – hardly surprising for one of the sunniest places on the planet. Why not join them and reap the benefits of sustainable, affordable, reliable energy for your home?

Installing residential solar panels can generate enough electricity to meet all your home energy needs. Investing in solar panels not only provides you with long-term financial benefits but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint and contributes to a cleaner environment.

Commercial + Rural


Switching to solar has so many benefits, from improving profits to enhancing your public profile. Solar energy greatly reduces your dependency on the power grid.

Factories and food retail outlets with electronic machinery and refrigeration units benefit from clean energy, particularly during daylight hours. It enhances your business appeal to eco-conscious consumers and can also qualify for generous government rebates.

Off-grid and hybrid: autonomy in action


For people and businesses in remote areas where connection to the power grid is difficult or intermittent, an off-grid solar system is a great option. Off-grid systems are usually designed with high-performance batteries to store the solar power. This means, even in a thunderstorm you can enjoy uninterrupted electricity. Modern off-grid systems are fully automated and can be monitored and controlled online. Together with a back-up generator, designed to cut in during persistent bad weather, and an off-grid solar irrigation system for pumping water, this smart mix of technologies offers a seamless hybrid system.


How much does a solar system cost?

It varies greatly according to the size of the project

A commonly sized 6kW Solar PV System would cost between $5,000 and $7,000 in most states in Australia and a 10kW system would cost between $8,500 and $11,500.

Can I make my bill be $0?

Yes – that’s our goal and our passion. With the right design and advice this is most definitely achievable.

Can I make money off my solar?

Yes – After your savings pay for your initial installation costs, the excess power generated from your solar will feed back into the grid often leaving you in credit from your energy retailer.

How do rebates work?

In Australia, solar rebates essentially run as a discount scheme for households that install a renewable energy system, or a sustainably-powered hot water system. Though technically classed as more of a financial incentive than a rebate, this system works similar to a voucher system where customers will receive a certain number of vouchers based on the size of their system and geographical location of their home, to which they can exchange or sell in order to reduce the upfront cost of their solar system installation. This is run under a program known as the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

If you buy a solar system in 2023, it is subsidised by a federal government scheme worth about $396 per kW installed. That’s around $2,590 off on a typical 6.6kW system that is usually applied at the point of sale; i.e. any advertised prices you see almost certainly have the solar rebate already applied.

Can Static Solar arrange finance for me?

Yes, we have partnered with some of the best finance companies which offer competitive rates on loans with structured and flexible repayment plans tailored to your budget.

What are STCs?

Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) are part of a government initiative to incentivise small-scale energy generators. Once your solar system is installed, you will acquire STCs calculated on your expected solar output. They take the form of tradable certificates which can be exchanged for an upfront discount off the cost of your system or a cash payment.

How does a solar system work?
  • Sunlight – UV Rays create a flow of electrons within the solar panel
  • The solar panels turn UV light to direct current (DC) power
  • DC power flows to the inverter, which converts the power to alternating current (AC) power for your home or to the grid
  • The grid will pay you a Feed-in Tariff (FIT), a credit on your power bill, which is paid into your bank account.

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