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Seamless Power Beyond Conventional Grids


Embrace the future with our home battery solar system, providing affordable off-grid technology for free, uninterrupted electricity.

What are the benefits of going off-grid?


If you’re located in a remote or rural area where frequent blackouts are common, an off-grid solar system allows you to be independent from the power grid. It provides electricity in areas where grid power is either unavailable, expensive or unreliable. Even in the worst weather conditions, your power will continue to flow while your neighbours get out their candles.

Explore the efficiency of a battery for off grid living. Modern off-grid technology is easy to maintain, fully automated, and can be monitored online. The power quality surpasses average grid electricity, extending appliance lifespan. Enjoy the return on your investment, and bid farewell to electricity bills.

Designed for living


Off-grid solar systems consist of roof- or ground-mounted solar panels, a battery bank to store energy, an integrated back-up diesel generator and an inverter and/or charger to act as an interface between the different inputs. Static Solar goes beyond, assessing your off-grid battery needs—size, position, consumption, times, output/input, and budget. We recommend the ideal system tailored to you. After installation, wave goodbye to the power grid forever.


Battery storage – how do solar batteries work?


In many Australian households where people are out all day, energy usage is highest during the morning and evening. The daytime electricity generated by your solar system is therefore stored in batteries for later use. So, when your system is no longer producing solar power, your home runs on the stored battery power. Freedom from the grid and free electricity – what’s not to love?

Explore our extensive range of high-quality off grid solar batteries at Static Solar, tailored to suit all needs. By analysing key figures on your energy bill, we empower you to take charge of your energy consumption and savings today.

What is hybrid?


A hybrid solar system is a renewable energy system that is grid-tied and includes battery storage.

A hybrid solar system intelligently switches between using solar power, battery storage and grid power. It allows you to avoid using grid power at peak prices leading to bill savings. 

The system stores renewable energy produced by its rooftop solar panels. During a storm or power outage, the system seamlessly kicks in and powers all of your home’s essential loads. Keeping your lights on, refrigerator running, and phones and tablets charged.

Remote and automated off-grid solar systems are what we call ‘genuine hybrid systems’. A true mix of different technologies makes the system maintenance-free, automatically switching on pumps or back-up generators when needed. The system size is infinitely variable. The Static Solar team have designed set-ups that create enough electricity to run a fridge and TV, a remote community and even an entire island.

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