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Now you can power your home at night, on cloudy days, and even during power outages with solar power by storing excessively generated solar electricity with the assistance of a solar battery. Battery storage solar is a great option to keep your electricity operations running when the sun goes down. Static Solar & Electrical has been established to deliver top-quality solar installation services. We started our service with the vision of making solar accessible to everyone to save them from monthly energy bills, and our mission is to become a small part of reducing carbon emissions with our service. We always adopt the latest technologies in order to deliver you the most effective solar battery products that show excellence in performance.

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benefits of solar battery storage systems?
Harnessing the sun’s energy with solar systems is the cheapest way to get persistent electricity, be it for homes or commercial buildings. However, adding solar batteries to the installed solar system can boost the use of solar energy. The following are benefits a solar battery offers:


Complete freedom from the power grid:

If you add battery storage for residential solar, you no longer have to rely on the grid. This can be highly advantageous for you if you are situated in an area where frequent blackouts are common.


Save money:

Battery storage solar allows you to store the excessively generated electricity in the morning to use it at night or when it is needed most. If your home is not backed by a solar battery, you may have to rely on the electric grid for power supply. This can cut your pocket in the name of electricity charges.


No noise pollution:

Unlike other batteries, battery storage solar doesn’t produce any massive sound while performing. Though they generate a humming noise during the day, it is perfectly normal and never the cause of disturbance in your home.


Emergency power source:

Backup power supply such as battery storage Solar can work as an emergency power supply. Everyone faces blackouts during natural disasters. Heavy rain makes it difficult for the grid to deliver power. To restore everything to normal takes several hours to days. However, solar batteries never fail to supply power. Even in worst-case scenarios such as heavy rain or thunderstorms, your lights never go off, unlike your neighbor.


Feed-In Tariffs:

Gone are the days of the 60c feed in tariff. Nowadays energy providers are giving consumers next to nothing on their excess energy produced from their solar systems. This means you need to sell ten fold back to the grid in order to break even from the energy purchased from the grid at night. This being the perfect reason to install a solar battery in your home or business to harness that excess energy and use it for your own power needs during night hours.
In order to get the most efficient battery storage system, you may have to work with solar battery storage installers in the field like us. If you still have any doubts regarding the benefits of a solar battery, speak with one of our staff.

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Is investing in solar batteries worth it?

As per the expert’s estimation, the incredible fact is that almost one in every four houses is now running on solar power. Right now, switching to solar has become the most trending topic across the nation. Because of solar energy’s popularity, suddenly home solar batteries also came into the limelight. At the moment, solar batteries feature several advantages that are beneficial for minimizing the time it takes to get a return on your solar system.

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Why should you choose us over others?

We must be something special and unique to be chosen by you. To meet the current demand for residential solar energy among people, several solar energy companies have started their services without having any prior experience. Finding solar service providers is not difficult, but selecting the right one is. You will probably end up with poor results if you choose the wrong solar installation company. Here we are displaying some of the key points that made us a top choice for residential solar in Australia.


Experience matters most in any field, and that includes the solar industry as well. We have formed a team that has years of experience in installing residential solar. Since we are experts in installing solar panels, you can trust us and expect end results of exceptional quality.

Australia's top branded solar products

We only provide high-quality solar panels and other solar installation products that have durability as their prime feature.


we provide the most affordable residential solar packages that come within your budget range by not compromising on the quality of the service.

Govt rebates and paperwork

we can help you understand government rebates on your solar installations and assist you with paperwork.

Personal assistance

In addition to installation, we educate you on how to maintain your installed solar panels to make them perform well. There are services that install solar, but there are none that provide tips and suggestions for keeping your solar system in good working order. This is how we differentiate ourselves from others.

Free quote

We are honest and transparent. Before taking up your project, we provide you with a free quote that helps you understand the overall estimated cost of getting a solar system. We are genuine. We never demand any extra money or hidden charges other than those listed in quotes.

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Static Solar & Electrical is the most trustworthy and reputable solar company that is packed full of professionals with years of experience in solar installations. With our high quality solar installations, we can turn your useless home roof into the most valuable one. If you are searching for a high quality solar company or home solar system installers near me on your mobile, look no further than us! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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