Our team at Pottsville Electricians is dedicated to delivering value, energy efficiency, and peace of mind to both homes and businesses.

Whether you’re building a new home, in need of repairs, or looking to take control of your energy costs, our team of Pottsville Electricians can help you make the transition to a sustainable future and enjoy its many benefits.


Starting with an in-home energy assessment is just the beginning, and the long-term benefits are even greater than you may think.

Undoubtedly, our energy assessment can lead to significant savings on your energy expenses. It’s a wise choice for those who want to contribute to the environment. However, there are more reasons to partner with our Pottsville Electrician team and join the movement, including:

• Assistance in securing generous government incentives
• Enjoy peace of mind as energy costs continue to rise.
• Increased sustainability and reduced carbon footprint.
• Increase the value of your property with a sustainable home.

Isn’t it an ideal scenario, where everyone benefits?


Our team at Static Pottsville Electricians is composed of skilled and empathetic professionals who provide a thorough and holistic approach to address all of your electrical needs.

Are you curious to know more about our company? As a locally-owned business, we take pride in being an integral part of our community and are passionate about preserving the environment. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering a comprehensive approach to addressing all your electrical needs. Our strategy is centered on maximizing your energy efficiency and cost savings, so you can enjoy the benefits of sustainable living.

Our team of Pottsville Electricians takes pride in delivering courteous and punctual service, along with honest and genuine recommendations. We are not simply following the trend of solar energy, but rather, we are qualified electricians who strive for superior workmanship, exceeding industry standards.


Services – Pottsville Electrician

 Pottsville Electrician

Pottsville Residential Electrician

A range of electrical services towards homeowners, such as repairs, new home installations, oven and appliance installations, downlights, ceiling exhaust fans, power points, smoke alarms.

 Pottsville Electrician

Pottsville Commercial Electrician

keep your business running seamlessly with our range of services. Including energy-efficient upgrades, commercial fitouts, maintenance, and Test and Tag, all designed to optimize your business operations.

 Pottsville Electrician

Pottsville Solar Electrical

Our goal is to assist you in achieving a quarterly energy bill of zero dollars while also making a positive impact on the environment. By adopting solar energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

 Pottsville Electrician

Pottsville Solar battery Systems

The freedom of being off-grid and having access to free electricity. We can provide a detailed analysis of your energy needs and recommend a range of solar battery sizes that are specifically tailored for your needs.

 Pottsville Electrician

Pottsville Off Grid Electrician

Gain energy independence and store your own electricity with our help in transforming your home into an energy powerhouse. Our team can recommend a wide selection of solar battery sizes to cater to your requirements.

 Pottsville Electrician

Pottsville EV Electric car chargers

If you want to charge your electric vehicle at home, you have multiple options. You can use standard 120-volt or 208-240-volt outlets, or opt for dedicated fast chargers with 480-volt or higher capacity.

 Pottsville Electrician

Pottsville Air Conditioning Electrician

Need efficient heating and cooling solutions? Our team provides consultation and installation services to meet your specific requirements with energy-efficient options.

 Pottsville Electrician

Pottsville Energy audit

We would be delighted to carry out an on-site assessment to examine your energy consumption, evaluate your bills, address your needs, and recommend ways to enhance your electricity efficiency.

I highly recommend Static Solar and Electrical for their exceptional service and expertise. From the initial consultation to the installation and follow-up, they were knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. Since installing my solar system and changing my electrical devices with the best Pottsville Electrician, my energy bills have significantly decreased, and I feel good knowing that I’m reducing my carbon footprint.

Isac Pena – Pottsville Business

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